Services at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center offers a wide array of inpatient and outpatient services on our downtown Niagara Falls campus and at several suburban satellite locations.

A progressive medical center with a never-ending focus on meeting the region’s healthcare needs, the New Memorial is constantly updating, upgrading and adding innovative services such as the Niagara Wellness Connection Center, Wound Center of Niagara, Get Well/Stay Well and Project Runway.

Whether you and your family are in need of primary care, minimally invasive surgery, senior services, diagnostic imaging, health education, care coordination or other services, you can count on the New Memorial.

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Services

Surgical Services

Surgical Services

NFMMC provides patients with a range of surgical procedures performed by some of the most skilled and dedicated surgeons in Western New York.

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Metabolic & Bariatric Services

Metabolic & Bariatric Services

The Niagara Metabolic & Bariatric Services Center of Excellence treats obesity and aims to restore health and confidence for our patients.

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Patients diagnosed with neck, back, and spine problem can benefit from procedures expertly performed by NFMMC's neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Stoffman.

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Orthopaedic Services

From fractures and sprains to joint replacement, we provide our patients with quality orthopaedic care tailored to their needs.

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Wound Care

The Wound Center of Niagara is a one stop place for Treatment for chronic and non-healing wounds through comprehensive care services.

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Women's OBGYN

In 2 convenient locations, NFMMC provides general gynecological care to women throughout the Niagara Falls area.

OBGYN Services

Stroke Care

Our Stroke Team has the specialized training and experience needed to deliver high-quality stroke care right here in Niagara.

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Cardiac Services

The Heart Center and its providers offer diagnostic, clinical and invasive cardiology services that equate to the most comprehensive cardiac care. 

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Family Medicine/Primary Care

Our primary care physicians offer yearly checkups, routine exams or extra care for patients across Niagara and Northern Erie counties.

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Diagnostic Imaging

NFMMC offers diagnostic imaging for patients who's diagnosis requires an MRI, CT Scanning or Bone Densitometry studies.

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Behavioral Health

The Niagara Wellness Connection Center is the newest and most progressive outpatient behavioral health service in Western New York.

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Laboratory Services

NFMMC provides outpatient laboratory collection services, including Express Service, at several convenient sites.

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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

NFMMC offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to help you recover from injury, illness, and surgery.

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Sports Medicine

UBMD Orthopaedics and Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center offer a more specialized choice for a spectrum of sports-related injuries. 

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Schoellkopf Health Center

The Schoellkopf Health Center provides short- and long-term care for individuals in need of nursing or rehabilitative services.

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Child Advocacy Center of Niagara

This multi-disciplinary program coordinates a unified response at a single location by criminal justice, medical and mental health services responding to reports of physical and sexual child abuse.

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Health Home Services

The NFMMC Health Home care management program provides services to all Medicaid eligible clients with chronic conditions in Niagara County. 

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At NFMMC, we provide 24/7 patient-centered care for emergency injuries and conditions in our our ER1 Emergency Department. 

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Our gastroenterologists utilize state-of-the-art medical technology and cutting-edge procedures to ensure optimal outcomes for all of our patients.

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Thoracic Center

In collaboration with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center offers high quality care for patients with lung cancer and other malignant conditions of the chest and chest wall readily accessible to Niagara County residents.

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