The Heart Center of Niagara

The Heart Center of Niagara is a comprehensive cardiac care facility that emphasizes full circle of heart care right here in Niagara Falls, NY. Looking for a highly trained and compassionate Cardiologist? Look no further than The Heart Center of Niagara.

Medical services at The Heart Center of Niagara are provided by one of the area’s most respected cardiology groups, Great Lakes Cardiovascular/General Physician, P.C.  Their cardiologists help patients dealing with disorders of the heart, including the treatment of congenital heart conditions, valve disorders, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest, and other heart conditions.


home health service
home health service

Cath Lab, Diagnostics and Recovery

The New Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

The new cath lab will provide diagnostic and interventional procedures such as cardiac angiograms, coronary angioplasty and coronary stent implantation to open narrow or blocked coronary arteries and will be available 24/7/365 for both scheduled and emergency procedures.

In partnership with Catholic Health, Kaleida Health and Erie County Medical Center

  • An all new Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center
  • State-of-the-art Diagnostics and Imaging
    1st & only Cardiac Catheterization lab in Niagara County*
  • Inpatient Cardiac/Stroke Care Unit

Cardiologists Near You, Ready to Help

When it comes to your heart, the minutes matter. That’s why The Heart Center of Niagara offers all your cardiac care services in one place, and right in your backyard. Located at Memorial’s downtown campus, our team is prepared to handle any heart-related ailments. An estimated 18.9% of New Yorkers aged 65 and older reported having some type of Cardiovascular disease in 2020 alone, and this figure has largely remained the same.

Heart Disease poses a huge health risk for our elderly and overweight populations. Memorial is fighting for patients’ health not only by offering cutting-edge cardiac services, but also preventative and educational measures, such as our nutrition program at the Summit Orthopaedic Center. Learn how to incorporate heart-healthy food choices into your daily life to promote overall health and lower your risk of heart disease.

The Heart Center and its providers offer diagnostic, clinical and invasive cardiology services including:


Cardiology Consultations


Congestive Heart Failure Management


Cardiac Stress Testing & Holter Monitoring




Nuclear Medicine & Peripheral Vascular Imaging


"I can't say enough about the care. The moment I came in, the ER and Heart Center team acted fast. Having a heart attack was so scary, but I felt safe with them. The care in the ICU was just as good, the nurses were excellent, reassuring, and compassionate. My family are so glad we chose Memorial."


Kathy Haseley, Sanborn NY

"The doctors and nurses at Memorial saved my Dad's life."



Maria Kendall

"This place saved my life. 6 years running and still going strong"


Phil Settimi

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