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Surgical Services Located On Our Medical Campus & The Summit Healthplex

Minimally invasive, high-tech surgery with a human touch… right here in Western New York
Memorial has some of the most skilled and dedicated surgeons in WNY, doctors recruited from Yale, Harvard, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and others university medical centers.

Day in and day out they perform cutting edge emergency and elective surgeries using the latest and least invasive techniques and technology, while giving you the individual attention you deserve.

You’ll find the area’s top doctors performing today’s most advanced procedures right here.  Patients even come from other countries because of our reputation.  They have come to trust the professionalism and personal care given at NFMMC.

Canadian patients choose us for surgery

Memorial Surgical Services

Summit Healthplex
6934 Williams Rd Ste 650
Niagara FallsNY 14304


Memorial Surgical Services

620 Tenth St Ste 704
Niagara FallsNY 14302


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