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Labor & Delivery

Exceptional Moms Come To Memorial

There are many reasons why so many women a year deliver their babies in Memorial Medical Center’s Mary C. Dyster Women’s Pavilion.

Women admitted to the pavilion for inpatient care are given private accommodations with their own bathroom, shower, and cable TV.

Pregnancy Care

Receiving early and ongoing care is essential to the health of you and your baby. Our team is there to provide the best care before, during and after your pregnancy. More women choose to have their babies at Memorial Medical Center, where they can enjoy the many amenities we offer, than at any other Niagara County hospital.

We’re big believers in wellness education, too.  At the Mary C. Dyster Women’s Pavilion, we offer classes in prenatal care, birthing, breastfeeding, parenting and more.


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An Experience You Will Never Forget

Experience and Highly Trained Nurses

Registered nurses on our maternity floor are specially trained to care for moms and babies before and after delivery and are certified in neonatal resuscitation procedures.

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Beautiful Experiences and Environment

Our beautifully decorated suites offer private homelike, accommodations for labor, delivery and recovery all in one room. Each private room has a shower, rocking chair, sleep chair, bassinet and flat screen TV as well as advanced monitoring systems for mom and baby.

Rooming In

Rooming-in with Mom is encouraged whenever possible to enhance bonding and to give parents a chance to become comfortable caring for their newborns.

Expanded Nursery

Our expanded nursery is fully equipped to provide care for both well babies and babies who need extra medical attention.

Breast Feeding Classes

Our comprehensive lactation program includes LaLeche League breastfeeding and personal breastfeeding assistance during your childbirth stay and follow-up consultation after you return home.  For more information contact the NFMMC lactation consultant.

Lactation Consultant

Linda Grace, Ed. M., IBCLC,RLC  


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