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Health Home Services

The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Health Home is a coordinated care management program providing services to all Medicaid eligible clients with chronic conditions in Niagara County. 

We will provide you a case manager to assist you with your basic needs such as clothing, food, health care and housing.


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Who is eligible? 

People who have Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible and have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, substance abuse, and other type issues including. Other qualifying conditions may include serious mental illness or HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

Health Homes are for people with Medicaid who:

  • Have 2 or more chronic conditions
  • Have one chronic condition and are at risk for a second
  • Have one serious and persistent mental health condition

Chronic conditions listed in the statute include mental health, substance abuse, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and being overweight. Additional chronic conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, may be considered by CMS for approval.

  • States can target health home services geographically
  • States can not exclude people with both Medicaid and Medicare from health home services

To enroll in our Health Home, call 716-278-4647 or click on the link “Apply” below to complete the enrollment form.


What we offer:


Comprehensive care management


Care coordination


Post-hospitalization follow up


Health promotion


Family support


Referral to community and social support services

What’s New

The Children’s Health Home began in December 2016.

We are excited to provide comprehensive care management services to children and families in Niagara County. Every child and youth enrolled in the health home will have their own care manager who works with them and their caregiver. The NFMMC Health Home and its partners recognize and respect the caregiver as the child’s natural care manager.

All children and youth enrolled in the Health Home must have active Medicaid or be

Medicaid eligible and fall into one of the following categories: Two or more chronic medical conditions (includes BMI at or above the 85 Percentile), Trauma and at risk for another chronic condition, Serious Mental Illness or Emotional Disturbance, HIV/AIDS.

The child and caregiver will have a dedicated care manager who will be available to them via phone, home visits, secure text messaging, joint visits with providers i.e. pediatrician, school, social services etc.

For more information, call 716-278-4647


To learn more or to find out if you qualify, call
 716- 278-4647  or  716-438-4490.

Our Adult Health Home serves ages 21 years and older

Children’s Health Home-serves those from birth age 21.


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