Memorial Receives Perinatal, Infant Community Health Grant

April 12, 2022

Five-year annual grant will total $1.9 mil

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center was awarded a Perinatal and Infant Community Health Collaborative annual grant of $392,840 for the anticipated contract period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2027, a full contracted award amount of $1.9 million.

The awarded grant, from the New York State Department of Health, is a continuation of existing funding and will directly support Memorial’s P3 Center for Teens, Moms & Kids, a case management program for pregnant women and their children. 

Community Health Workers (CHW) will continue to work with up to 25 families/individuals, a population that includes women and birthing persons with the largest risk factors related to social determinants of health. These include Medicaid recipients, the uninsured, those who have not had adequate access to medical professionals, those living near or below the poverty line, those experiencing violence in their homes or neighborhoods, teen parents, and those lacking social and structural supports.

“The P3 Center has a dedicated team of Community Health Workers who meet families right in their homes to help them create and achieve their goals, particularly those related to health, child development, and overall wellness,” said Eileen Wrobel, Maternal & Infant Health Initiative Coordinator for P3 Center for Teens, Moms & Kids. 

Once identified, the individual will be encouraged to enroll with P3 at which time CHWs will work with clients to establish an action plan with specific steps to identify and meet their individual needs, specifically in relation to perinatal and infant health, but also in relation to housing, mental health, employment, and other social determinants of health. Those enrolled in the program can be preconception, pregnant, or parenting.

Ultimately, the client will build a support system, self-sufficiency, and maintain their own and their baby’s health. Niagara County residents are eligible and self-referrals are also received in addition to referrals from other service providers such as Department of Social Services, OBGYN providers, and the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara.

Support groups and special events are also offered such as young parent groups, baby showers, and a community festival. In addition to client-centered focal points, P3 will build, promote, and facilitate a Community Action Board within Niagara County.

“We truly appreciate this funding, which will allow us to continue these individualized services, while expanding our reach by creating a Community Action Board to identify and address needs on the community level,” said Wrobel.

For more information on the P3 Center for Teens, Moms & Kids, please call 716-278-4423 or visit nfmmc.org.

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