Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Introduces EMS Alert System to Streamline Emergency Services and Reduce Ambulances Leaving Niagara County

July 25, 2023

Niagara Falls, NY — Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (NFMMC), the leading independent regional medical center serving the Greater Niagara region, is proud to announce the implementation of its EMS Alert system designed to optimize patient hand-off procedures and establish seamless coordination with pre-hospital care providers prior to their arrival at ER 1, Emergency Services at NFMMC. The EMS Alert system further reinforces the commitment to keep healthcare local by retaining EMS crews within Niagara County and significantly reducing the number of ambulances leaving the county due to patient transfers.

This initiative ensures that EMS teams are continuously available to respond to emergencies without being tied up in extended travel times to Erie County. The EMS Alert system addresses the challenges faced in the past, where ambulances had to navigate extended travel times to neighboring counties, affecting response readiness within Niagara County. With the introduction of this efficient system, these delays are minimized, resulting in faster response times and enhanced emergency care for residents of Niagara County.

The EMS Alert system is the result of a collaborative effort between NFMMC and various key stakeholders, including the Niagara County Fire Coordinator’s office, Emergency Management officials, and the Niagara County EMS Council. Its primary objective is to expedite ambulance-to-ER transfers and reduce patient transfer times, ultimately assisting EMS partners in returning to service more promptly.

“Memorial believes in unity with our EMS partners,” said Joseph Ruffolo, CEO and President at NFMMC. “The EMS Alert system allows for real-time inquiry and information access to provide accurate patient transfer wait times to empower EMS personnel to make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently.”

NFMMC takes immense pride in its strong partnership with local EMS teams. As the only full-service hospital remaining in Niagara County, the medical center offers a comprehensive range of essential services, including the region’s only Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Accredited Primary Stroke Center, Comprehensive Orthopedic Center, and Labor and Delivery services. These critical services are available to the community and EMS providers within Niagara County, eliminating the need to venture unnecessarily into Erie County.

To foster better communication and outreach, NFMMC has sent a copy of the attached letter and reference cards to every Niagara County fire company, including municipal and volunteer units, irrespective of whether they have an EMS transport unit. Additionally, numerous commercial EMS providers have also received these materials.

NFMMC remains committed to enhancing emergency response capabilities and providing top-notch healthcare services for the Greater Niagara region. The EMS Alert system is a significant step towards a safer and healthier community, solidifying the hospital’s position as a trusted partner in times of need.


Founded in 1895, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (NFMMC) has a long tradition of serving the Niagara community. NFMMC’s hospital and primary stroke program are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, and its primary care network is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Memorial’s inpatient services include a cardiac/stroke unit, a medical–surgical unit, an ICU, a Labor and Delivery unit, and an Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit, the only one of its kind in Niagara County. Memorial serves as a Center for Community Health by operating five primary care centers, a large outpatient adult mental health clinic, a Health Home, and several innovative community-based services. Thanks to a partnership with Catholic Health, Kaleida Health, and Erie County Medical Center, NFMMC operates the only cardiac catheterization laboratory in Niagara County. Memorial is also home to the Golisano Medical Oncology Center, which operates in collaboration with Roswell Park Comprehensive Care Center.

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