Niagara Fall Memorial Medical Center Addresses Nursing Shortage with International Nursing Program

March 7, 2023

NIAGARA FALLS, NY — In response to nationwide nursing shortages, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (NFMMC) is proud to announce its success in both adopting a U.S./Canadian recruitment pipeline and partnering with Global Healthcare Resources Inc, attracting over 20 registered nurses from Canada, the Philippines and beyond, as part of its new international nursing program.

“Across the country, hospitals and health systems have struggled to fill open nursing positions as professionals retire or leave the field at a rate faster than new nurses are being licensed,” said Joseph Ruffolo, Chief Executive Officer of NFMMC.

“For this reason, we are pleased with our international nursing program’s role in improving recruitment efforts as the healthcare industry continues to face critical staffing issues,” said Ruffolo. “Thanks to our proximity to the Canadian border and our partnership with a dedicated healthcare staffing company in GHR, Memorial has expanded its recruitment focus while introducing fully-certificated, experienced nurses to continue providing excellent patient care.”

NFMMC’s partnership with GHR helps streamline the complicated process of certifying and transitioning international nurses to work in U.S. hospitals. Matching healthcare professionals’ expertise with the needs of its clients, GHR assists international nurses with the credentialing and immigration process. This includes enrolling nurses in required classes, conducting examinations and credentialing, sponsoring Green Cards, providing housing and helping nurses acclimate to the area.

In addition, NFMMC’s recruiting success is proving the Niagara Falls region to be a desirable destination for international healthcare professionals.

“Memorial and the Niagara region have much to offer international nurses,” said Renee DeLuke, Director of Recruitment at NFMMC. “Many Canadian nurses have access to several convenient border bridge options and can take advantage of higher wages. We also offer employees up to a $25,000 sign-on bonus, generous paid time off, life insurance, and the option to access U.S. health, dental, and vision insurance plans.”

Nurses participating in the program also benefit significantly by growing their skill sets due to access to resources and technology unavailable in their origin country.

“It is so interesting listening to their stories,” said DeLuke. “While helping the international nursing candidates enter our program, I was struck by how many just want to realize the ‘American dream’ and know a better way of life.”


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For more information, please visit www.nfmmc.org.

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