Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Burden Survey Study

For more information, please call Circuit Clinical at 716-919-1130

            • Participants are tracked over 7 days

            • Upon receiving your vaccination, a digital survey is texted or emailed
            • 7 surveys total will be sent over the 7 days for particpants to complete
            • Qualifying participants can receive a $25 stipend for each survey completed

    Inclusion Criteria (from phone screen tool): 

    • Adults 18-65 years old
    • Receiving their first, second, first or second booster dose of Comirnaty, Spikevax, J&J COVID-19 vaccine or NVX CoV2373 in US. 
    • Able to understand and provide informed consent 
    • Employed (and working for pay) at least 20 hours per week and scheduled to work at least 3 days in the 6 days after vaccination (e.g., not on vacation or scheduled leave) 
    • Able to read English  
    • Able and willing to comply with all study requirements 
    • Access to Smartphone, tablet, or computer to complete the daily study questionnaires


      Exclusion Criteria: 

      •  Participation in research involving an investigational product (drug or biologic or device) within 45 days prior to the study vaccination 
      •  Any confirmed or suspected immunocompromised condition including active cancer and chronic administration (defined as more then 14 continuous days) of immunosuppressant medication within the past 3 months, except topical steroids or short-term oral steroids (course lasting ≤ 14 days) 
      • History of severe allergic reaction to prior COVID-19 vaccines
      • Received any other vaccine within 1 week prior to the study COVID-19 vaccination or plans to receive any co-administered vaccine on day 0 or any other vaccine within 6 days of the COVID-19 vaccination

      For more information, please call Circuit Clinical at 716-919-1130

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