Vertex Chronic Kidney Disease Study

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            • Proteinuric Chronic Kidney Disease

            • Age 12-60
            • No Diabetes/No Dialysis
            • Qualifying participants can receive a $45 stipend
            • See below for more important highlights/qualifications 

Inclusion Criteria:

1. Willing to sign and date an informed consent form either in-person or remotely, as applicable by local law

2. Males and females who are between the ages of 12 and 60 years old, inclusive.

3. Subject is of African ancestry or geographic origin, which may include but is not limited to the following: Black, Caribbean, African  American, SubSaharan African, or LatinX (defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin).

4. Subjects must meet one of the below criteria:

      • Group 1: FSGS
      • Group 2: Presence of proteinuric nondiabetic CKD (not attributable to infection, neoplasia, drugs, autoimmune disorders, or diabetes).

5. Subject must have previously documented proteinuria of urine protein to creatinine ratio >0.1 g/g

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Subject, or close relative of the subject, is the investigator or a subinvestigator, research assistant study coordinator or other staff directly involved with the conduct of the study at that site.

2. Subject has end-stage kidney disease, defined as being on chronic dialysis.

3. Subject has had a kidney transplant.

4. Subject has diabetes mellitus.

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