Schoellkopf Health Center

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A message for those with family/friends residing at Schoellkopf:

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak visitation to nursing homes is not currently permitted per the directive of Governor Cuomo. We understand that connecting with your loved one is incredibly important. You are encouraged to contact the unit your loved resides in if you would like to speak with them:

Schoellkopf First Floor (716) 278-4572
Schoellkopf Second Floor (716) 278-4574
Schoellkopf Third Floor (716) 278-4576

Additionally, we will soon have Skype operating on the resident computer in the activities room and we will assist residents to connect with you. We appreciate your understanding through this difficult time and we will continue to update friends and family as we receive direction from government agencies and officials.

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The Schoellkopf Health Center will make you or your family member feel comfortable in a warm and inviting surrounding with all the conveniences of home. 


Whether you are staying for a short time or planning on making your stay with us a more lasting stay, we offer 5-star quality care!

Long Term Care

The Schoellkopf Health Center provides short- and long-term care for individuals in need of nursing or rehabilitative services.

Like Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, the 120-bed Schoellkopf Health Center features all private rooms. Our experienced staff provides intensive physical and occupational therapies, in-house dialysis services and a calendar of intergenerational activities.

There are lots of activities for clients to participate in, whether it is activities at the center or planned offsite, your loved one will enjoy staying active!

Short Term Care

If you have an upcoming surgery and need short term therapy, you can pre-plan your stay. 



The Rooker Rehabilitation Unit, named in honor of the late Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rooker, also recently underwent an extensive upgrade. A retired ear, nose and throat surgeon, Dr. Rooker, like his father, was a longtime member of Memorial's medical staff.

The Schoellkopf Health Center is adjacent to both the medical center and the beautiful and historic Schoellkopf Park.

Schedule a Tour

To learn more or to arrange a tour of the Schoellkopf Health Center, call (716) 278-4578. 

 Schoellkopf Health Center accepts and considers all applications without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, handicaps, blindness, or sponsor, or sexual preference. To begin the process please complete this application for admission and return it to our admissions department.