Do I Need a Pap Smear After Menopause?

Chances are, you began receiving pap smears around the age of 21, and they have since become a routine part of your checkup for years. When you reach menopause, your body goes through several shifts and changes, but that doesn’t mean you should stop receiving important exams!

4 Essential Medical Exams for Women

As women, we face unique health challenges. In order to maintain long-term health, prevention and early detection of medical conditions and diseases is key. Depending on your stage of life, the following exams are recommended.

Keeping Up with NFMMC — June/July edition

The June/July edition of our monthly newsletter, Keeping Up With NFMMC, is now available. A lot of exciting things are happening at our new Golisano Center for Community Health and we have plenty of other news to share. We hope you enjoy reading all about it!

Expanding Our OBGYN Program

2 locations at NFMMC are serving women throughout Niagara County. We are introducing our newest location!