6 Common Health Concerns To Avoid This Summer

Category: Primary Care

Summertime usually has its own set of risky health situations, but this year there are even more. Being out and about during the summer makes both young and old susceptible to many health problems. The elephant in the room is, of course, COVID-19 and all the risks associated with it, but it’s also important to be mindful of these 6 common health concerns to avoid this summer.

Drinking And Boating

Usually we think of the dangers of mixing drinking with driving, but in the summertime drinking while boating is just as dangerous. When you are out in the sun all day and drink alcoholic beverages, many dangerous mishaps can occur. You or other passengers can fall out of the boat, collisions with other vehicles can occur, or even drowning is possible when you are inebriated.

Be sure everyone has life jackets, especially children, and avoid heavy drinking.

Mowing Injuries

If you are the “do it yourself” type and mow your own lawn, always be cognizant of flying debris like sticks and rocks. Wear face protection, especially over your eyes.

Never attempt to reach under a running mower to clear out clogs as this can cause serious finger and hand injuries. And always wear closed toe shoes.

Sunburn And Cancer

Everyone knows to wear sunscreen while out in the sun, but skin cancers can continue to occur. Your risk for melanoma doubles if you have had just 5 sunburns in your life.

group of friends in pool with inflatables

Be mindful of the following even if you are wearing sunscreen:

  • If there is a chance you might fall asleep in the sun, sit under an umbrella.
  • Wear a hat to protect your head and face.
  • Wear long sleeves while out in the sun for hours.
  • Avoid the hottest parts of the day and instead schedule activities in the early AM or late afternoon.

Food Poisoning

We love our picnics and patio dinners during summer, but they come with some warnings. Be sure certain ingredients remain chilled or are refrigerated after a short period of time. Mayo, eggs, and dairy products are especially susceptible and can become spoiled quite easily.

Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

This is a serious issue during the summer and it can affect young and old alike. If core temperatures rise, you, your children, or older parents can become confused, stop sweating, have a quick pulse, and experience short rapid breathing.

If this occurs, get them out of the heat, hydrate them, and help to cool down their body. This can be a life threatening situation, so it’s best to call 911.

The Cloud Of COVID 19

Unless and until we have a defined therapeutic or vaccine, everyone should follow the CDC guidelines this summer.

Wear masks if you are in close contact with others, wash your hands frequently, and social distance whenever you can.

Report a high fever or breathing problems to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center immediately!

Refer to the CDC guidelines to avoid contracting this virus.

Call Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center at (716) 278-4000 if you have questions about summer health concerns.