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Treating Obesity and Restoring Confidence

Obesity is the nation's second leading cause of preventable death and is associated with many life threatening medical conditions including heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

Many find that dieting by itself doesn't produce results. Weight loss surgery may offer hope of significant and lasting weight loss, plus there are plenty of benefits of bariatric surgery

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center has a complete team of specialists that provides patients with the information they need to make informed choices about weight-loss solutions.

Our bariatric and weight loss program focuses on both minimally invasive metabolic and weight loss surgery and medical weight loss management.

Patients receive support services ranging from nutrition counseling and behavioral health assessment to exercise physiology

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Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery? 

Patients considering bariatric surgery must meet specific criteria to be considered for a screening evaluation. We discuss these criteria at patient information seminars held at Memorial Medical Center and in other Western New York communities.

Take the first step:

                Attend a free seminar-Register online

What you will learn:

                Are you a candidate?

                How does it work?

                Benefits and risks

                What to expect after surgery

                Q & A to help alleviate fears and misconceptions

What we offer: 

  • Expert Physicians, fellowship trained.
  • State of the art techniques that are less invasive and offer faster recovery.
  • All in one approach from nutrition, support before, during and post surgery to follow for your new lifestyle.
  • Private individualized care.
  • Support groups.

Complete Patient Informational & Support Seminars

Our comprehensive approach to weight loss management offers many seminars to help with your success.  You can register for  support groups, nutrition classes and weight loss classes. This is perfect for patients who want to take initial steps in weight loss recovery.

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