Family Medicine Faculty & Staff

The Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency Program at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center has a proud tradition of high-quality, post-graduate medical education that dates back to mid-1970s.

The founder of the original (allopathic) Family Practice Residency Program, Dr. Melvin B. Dyster, remains active as a faculty member and preceptor.

Our faculty includes:

Jeffrey O. Burnett, D.O.  

Program Director

  • Board certified primary care physician
  • Graduate of Canisius College and the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Clinical assistant professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo
  • In private practice since 2003, on staff at Lifetime Urgent Care since 2004
  • 2011 University at Buffalo Family Medicine Preceptor of the Year

Melvin B. Dyster, M.D.

Director Emeritus
(716) 278-4618

  • Board certified in Family Practice
  • Graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine
  • Private Practice, 1954-present
  • Founder and Director of Memorial's Family Practice Residency Program, 1976-1994, 2003-2005
  • Director Emeritus, 1994-2003, 2005-present
  • Chief, Department of Family Practice, 1975-2000, 2005-present
  • Medical Director Mount St. Mary's Nursing Home, 1969-2003
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University at New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Komal Chandan, M.D., DRM, F.A.A.P.


Don McLean, M.S., M.A.

Director of Behavioral Science
(716) 278-4039

Karen Walck, CST, BS

Program Coordinator
(716) 278-4618


Meet Our Residents


Sein Yone Pao


My name is Sein Yone, I am from New York City. I went to Medical School at New York Institute of Technology- College of Osteopathic Medicine – NYIT. I chose the Family Medicine Residency Program at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center because it is a unique single program. I have had many opportunities to learn a wide range spectrum of diseases. The program is training me to become a great physician. The opportunities I have include  treating elderly patients at Elderwood Senior Care Center, students at Niagara University and Migrant Camp workers from South America. The program attracted me with its close proximity toward the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, and its border to Canada. In my free time, I enjoy online news reading, listening to music, viewing scenery at the waterfalls and eating at Burmese restaurants in the upper westside of Buffalo.


Sanjana Iddyadinesh

My name is Dr. Iddyadinesh and I am originally from South Carolina. I decided to come to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program because it is an unopposed program; which gives residents like me hands on experience on all procedures and also allows us ti have one on one interactions with everyone during our rotations. The other reason I wanted to become part of this program is that all the attendings and staff are well educated, kind, and helpful. The program is located five minutes from the world’s famous wonders, Niagara Falls. I am really happy to be near this location because it helps me in meeting people around the world, just like I did when I went to school at TUNCOM, in Vegas Nevada. During my time off, I enjoy choreographing and practicing classical dance. I also enjoy socializing with co-residents, friends and family and enjoy traveling around the world. Now I am very proud and happy to be a wife and mom.

Word of Wisdom is: Come and be part of our awesome program.


Rex David S. Gido

LECOM 2016

I became familiar with the Niagara Falls Memorial Center (NFMMC) Family Medicine Program through my 3rd and 4th year rotations as a core student and decided on Family Medicine due to the wide scope of medical issues that Family Practice doctors saw and treated. Family Practitioners are the foundation of medicine and the central gate keeper of a patient’s health. NFMMC has a patient population that is dire need of healthcare one that requires doctors who are willing to work hard and learn, which is why I chose to train here. My family is from Freehold, NJ. In my spare time I like to rock climb, play basketball and try new culinary delicacies.


Alfred Bachiller

I am a graduate from PCOM, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I would describe myself as laid back and relaxed. I like to have a positive impact on my patients’ lives. In my free time I lift weights and study. I also enjoy cooking and creating new recipes to try out. I look forward to graduating and working in primary care.


Jerry Kong

LECOM 2016

I originally moved to Buffalo to do my pre-med post bacc studies. As time went on I learned about various cool sights, activities, and eats around the Buffalo-Niagara area, and also made new friends. I was first introduced to the Niagara Falls Family Medicine Residency Program through medical school elective rotations and had a positive experience. All this contributed to my decision to stick around the Buffalo- Niagara area a bit longer and look into residency training at Niagara Falls.

It has been great working with the staff here. The attending physicians are excellent teachers. There is a positive work culture among the staff and the fact that the program is unopposed allows you to have it be what you want to make of it. The residents’ opinions and ideas are valued.

Outside of work there is a lot to explore around the area. Cost of living is very affordable. There is sightseeing at Niagara Falls Canadian and American sides, museums and chilling out at Delaware Park, food and drink at Elmwood Village, More food and drink at Allentown, concerts and festivals at the Canalside harbor area, more chilling out at beaches south of downtown Buffalo and much more!

 Fung Yeung

I grew up in New York City and attended undergraduate in Philadelphia and medical school at NYCOM. Me medical school rotations exposed me to rich pathologies from international populations. Having rotated in multiple academic centers, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the wide varieties of diagnosis in outpatient clinics.

I like Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center’s Medicine Program because of the rich pathologies in our outpatient clinics. Our clinics allow us to investigate both bread and butter and rare diagnosis’s. The mix of underserved and middle-class population prepare us for private practice and academic settings.

Our program is well balanced between the inpatient and the outpatient rotations and has ample elective opportunities to help residents tailor their career interests. The excellent ancillary support in the inpatient service enable our residents to focus on patient care and reading up on interesting clinical topics. In a ddtion, the residents are provided with ample opportuniety for procedures. In my firs week of ER rotation, I helped insert a central line, run a code, and reduce multiple dislocations.

My time in Niagara Falls and Buffalo has been enjoyable. I often spend my weekend in downtown Buffalo, in warmer months I will spend the weekend in Toronto.

My career goal is to work in an academic setting and possibly pursue a career in geriatric or palliative medicine.


Sarah Frys

My name is Sarah Frys. I’m originally from Amherst, NY. I grew up close to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, but I didn’t know this gem existed until I came here as a third year LECOM medical student. I was one of the core thirteen students, meaning I was one of the students that stay here throughout the year for clinical rotations for my third and some fourth year rotations. Through my experience as a student, I was able to get to know the current residents, hospital staff and program faculty. I realized this is where I wanted to do my residency when I decided on family medicine as a specialty. I feel that because it was an unopposed program, I was able to get a more hands on experience throughout my education. Furthermore, I knew the physicians we work with are more than willing to teach and really make this place a great educational opportunity. You feel like you are part of a community within the hospital and at our outpatient office. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, exploring Buffalo with its various festivals and restaurants and traveling with my husband and daughter. 

Ryan Mikac

Nova Southeastern University, Class of 2012

I am originally from Buffalo, NY.  I received my B.S. from Penn State University in 2008.  After acceptance into medical school, I secured a scholarship offer through the Navy's Health Professions Scholarship Program. I graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2012.  From 2012-2013, I trained in internal medicine at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  After my intern year, I was assigned to II Marine Expeditionary Force headquartered at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC to practice as a General Medical Officer, where I was responsible for the medical readiness of over 1300 Marines and Sailors, deploying in 2014 in support of the Global War on Terror and again in 2016 in support of the Georgia Deployment Program.  

After my Naval obligation, I accepted a residency offer at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.  I was attracted to this program when I recognized that it had dedicated residents, strong leadership, and attending physicians that feel personally responsible regarding our education.  During my time here, I learned that if you work hard, take ownership of your patients, and show dedication, you will earn the trust and respect of your attending physicians, fellow residents, and program staff.

You will have time to enjoy the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area if you train here, which is also another reason why I chose NFMMC.  Whether you enjoy music, art, sports, or are planning to start a family, this is a great area and you will enjoy your time here.


Vikram Verma

“My name is Vikram Verma. I’m originally from Lyme, Connecticut. If you’ve ever heard of Lyme’s disease, that was where it was originally discovered! I have lived in several parts of the US gaining rich experience on different ways of thinking and perspectives on life.

I did my undergraduate from the University of Connecticut and went to medical school at the NYIT College of osteopathic medicine in Long Island. Prior to joining residency at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center I did one year of traditional rotating osteopathic internship at a very busy hospital in Nassau County, Long Island. There I gained tons of experience and knowledge about the world of healthcare.

What attracted me to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center was that the family medicine residency here was unopposed, meaning I would have the first opportunity in taking care of the patients that came in and do any procedures they needed or tackle any problems they had.

This hospital is located in the world famous Niagara Falls region which is visited by millions of tourists every year. I have many relatives in the nearby greater Toronto area, that is another reason I wanted to move to Western New York so that I could be close to my family members.

I found this program and hospital to be excellent in teaching and learning. It has a great variety of pathology and variety of patient presentations, especially the underserved population. The physician teachers here are very kind, well-educated, and dedicated.

I have full confidence that I will emerge as a very good primary care doctor after I’m done with my training here.”


Kajanan Kukan

My name is Kajanan Kukan. I am a 2nd year resident at NFMMC Family Medicine Residency Program. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, watching movies, reading novels and playing sports. Niagara Falls appealed to me because of its proximity to Toronto, where most of my extended family lives, but in addition to that it truly is a beautiful city with a lot of fun things to do. As a third and fourth year, I was trying to find places in which I can enjoy my time outside of medicine. With multiple hiking trails and scenic areas, Niagara Falls was the perfect choice.

I am part of a big family here at NFMMC. Everyone knows each other and strives to help each other out when necessary. As a third and fourth year medical student from LECOM, I did not know what to expect when starting my clinical rotations. The attending physicians at the hospital are remarkable and willing to teach, they are also well- trained from hospitals such has Yale, John Hopkins and University of Toronto. The continuity clinic which we rotate through for family medicine gives you a unique patient population to build a doctor-patient relationship with and that was one of my requirements when I was searching for a residency program. I wanted to learn as much as a I can and reach my potential and goal for becoming a well -rounded physician. The biggest factor when choosing a program was the interaction between the residents and the attending- resident relationship. I have to say that this program meets that and truly exceeds it. I am part of a collective family, and we are always trying to find individuals that share our vision of giving great care to our patients and supporting one another.

 Talha Masood

My name is Talha Masood. I graduated medical school from LECOM. After that I joined Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for Family Medicine Residency. I love it here because its catered to training me to be a competent future Family Medicine Physician. The attending physicians here are geniuses and great to work with, and happy to answer all your questions, which is a really nice thing to have as a resident. They create a good learning environment and teach you the importance of having good character along with good knowledge. Additionally, the patients are really diverse, and you get to see multiple co- morbidities at a very regular interval, which helps speed you up in the learning curve, and makes you more confident in managing multiple diseases at the same time, so that you feel fully ready at the end of the training here. My hobbies are hanging out with my family, playing soccer, watching TV shows, playing video games, and reading both nonfiction and fiction.


Michael Logsdon


Marc Jones